How Dandi Keeps Tulsa Homes Protected Against Termites

May 7, 2019

a large swarm of termites eating away at a wooden structure on a tulsa home

There are a lot of benefits to living here in the south. The south has year-round warmth, very little need for indoor heating, and an endless supply of friendly attitudes. Unfortunately, there is an endless supply of termites as well. Our year-round warmth is exactly what they need to destroy homes indefinitely without opposition, leaving homeowners with a very distinct need. This need is for professional termite control; measures designed to keep your home safeguarded against destructive termites year round.

How Dandi Treats For Termites

When it comes to guarding your home against termites, we use advanced termite bait stations and Termidor. Here are some things you can expect when your qualified pest technician from Dandi arrives at your property.

  • First: They will install non-intrusive bait stations in your yard. These bait stations will draw in any termites that have wandered onto your property and may be looking at your home as their next meal.
  • Second: Your technician will monitor these stations and use Termidor accordingly. Termidor is an active pest control product that is undetectable to termites. It acts as a ticking time bomb. Worker termites pick it up and store it in their guts before returning to their colony to share it with reproductive termites and their young. When shared with the colony, Termidor then acts as an eliminator, eradicating termite colonies from within.
  • Finally: You can rest easy knowing your property and home is safe from the dangers termites can pose.

Why Call Dandi ASAP If You Aren’t Protect

Every year termites cost United States home and business owners over 5 billion dollars. Here at Dandi, we are doing our part in trying to reduce this number. If your home does not have the proper defenses against termites, it very well could become a part of this statistic. Don’t let this be the case. Contact Dandi today and let us set up your termite protection to ensure your home stays undamaged and you stay stress-free. Your freedom from pests is just a phone call away.

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