Here's Why Cockroaches In Your Tulsa Home Are So Dangerous

October 15, 2020

Have you ever been afraid of something for no reason? Whatever it is, when someone asks you why you’re afraid of it, you realize you don’t have an explanation. But that doesn’t change the fact that it still sends that chill down your spine and causes a pit in your stomach.

a cockroach on a plate

We can all agree that roaches give us this feeling, but if you asked yourself why, would you have a good answer? You probably don’t know why you’re scared of roaches. It’s not like they’ll bite you, and it’s not like they’re some large, imposing presence. However, if you realized the danger that roaches posed to your health, you might be even more careful about keeping them out of your house.

Tulsa Roach Problems

Did you know there are actually three different kinds of roaches that might be invading your Tulsa property? If bad things really do come in threes, these home invaders are no exception.

First, you’ve got your German cockroaches. These are one of the most common species of roach in the United States, so an infestation from these pests is fairly likely. Their small size (about 5 cm long) allows them to squeeze into small spaces to move around freely in your home, finding any food you haven’t securely stored. These tan-colored pests will travel in large numbers, making their small stature inflict a big presence in your home.

The American cockroach is also common in the area. Despite what their name implies, this species originated in Africa before arriving in America to take over the title of the largest roach species in the country. Measuring an inch and a half long, these brown to dark red-colored pests are incredibly unsettling to see in your home.

Much like the American cockroach, our next pest is big and brown. Measuring in at an inch and a quarter, the Oriental cockroach is a potential home invader as well. The main difference you’ll notice between an Oriental and American cockroach is the shiny outer coating of the Oriental cockroach, which makes them look like they’re wearing an armored coating.
Even though none of these roaches are entering your home to do battle, a roach infestation is one of the most dangerous pest situations you can incur. You see, just because a roach enters your home doesn’t mean that residential properties are their preferred habitats. In fact, roaches much prefer living in places like sewers, dumpsters, and landfills, which makes them bacteria-covered disease carriers.

As they crawl around your home, they’ll leave bacteria all over your furniture and food preparation surfaces, which can cause diseases like E. Coli and salmonella. Plus, roaches will secrete a dangerous pathogen as they move around, which stains your walls and even causes allergic reactions in many people, especially children.

Proper Roach Prevention

Since roaches are a real threat, rather than something that just makes you uncomfortable, prevention is an absolute necessity. So how are you supposed to keep them out? It’s very difficult to do this on your own, but if you can adhere to a few guidelines, you may have a fighting chance.

  1. Clean regularly: by vacuuming, mopping, and wiping down the counters, you’ll limit the number of loose crumbs that tend to attract roaches.

  2. Address moisture issues: damp spaces are very attractive to roaches, so make sure to check for leaking pipes under your counters or excess humidity in your crawl spaces.

  3. Put away food promptly and properly: if you leave food in the sink overnight or leftovers out on the counter regularly, roaches will quickly invade to take advantage. Make sure to store food in a secure container.

  4. Seal potential entryways: roaches will squeeze under doorways that do not have proper weather-stripping as well as cracks along window sills.

While these measures can help, nothing you do on your own can guarantee roach protection. Roaches are incredibly hard to keep out of your house, and plenty of Tulsa homeowners, even ones who clean regularly, often deal with these pest issues. Where do they turn? The one guaranteed solution: contact the professionals at Dandi Guaranty at the first sign of infestation.

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