Four Signs Of Termites To Watch For Around Your Tulsa Property

November 18, 2020

It’s easy for Tulsa residents to procrastinate with their pest control. They assume that if they don’t see any insects or creatures, they have nothing to worry about. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many species that insidiously infiltrate homes and businesses. You might miss them because they’re nocturnal, extremely little, or they reside in hard to see or reach spots. Some quietly do their worst, and you won’t know they’re around until it’s too late. With a critter that quickly reproduces or poses a threat, this could be very detrimental. Termites are a perfect example.

a termite infesttaion treated with pest control

Termites in Tulsa devour wood and hide in walls, making them a big and expensive trouble for property owners. Each year, these insects create $5 billion worth of wreckage. You won’t be able to run to an insurance company, because most consider it a preventive issue. Learn the infestation signs so you’ll know when to contact Dandi Guaranty.

Infestation Sign #1: Finding Termite Waste

Termite colonies are sizable. They include three subgroups: workers, soldiers, and swarmers. The destructive workers are grayish-white or plain white and 0.12 of an inch long. Soldiers are nearly the same in length. Their yellow-brown bodies feature dominant jaws for protection and rectangular heads. Both stay hidden behind walls. Swarmers flee the nest in the spring to build new homes and mate. These ½  inch long bugs are winged, and yellow, brown, or black. When they’re ready to launch, you might see them peeking through structural voids and zooming around lights. They usually shed their wings, which resemble fish scales. All termites release salt and pepper-like feces, also known as frass.

Infestation Sign #2: Noticing Changes With Walls & Paint

As termites chip away at wood, the impact will become more visible with time. You may notice your paint starting to peel and bubble up. It’s going to appear to be damaged by water. The drywall will change color, and the shading will be off. It also will begin to droop. If you look closely at your walls, you may notice mud tubes, maze patterns, and tons of tiny holes the size of a pinpoint. If you manage to knock on the wall, it will sound hollow. 

Here are some ways to prevent termites in relation to wood specifically:

  • Repair or get rid of all wood that is ruined by water, rotting, or otherwise destroyed.

  • Store free wood, like lumber panels and fire logs, several feet away from the property.

  • Keep loose wood off soil areas.

Infestation Sign #3: Having Affected Fixtures And Foundations

Tiling will become loose, and floorboards will feel like they’re caving in. Windows and doors will suddenly be tight-fitting. Important deterring measures are:

  • Fixing leaks and moisture issues that make wood damp

  • Sealing openings around utility lines and foundations

  • Cleaning gutters and vents often

  • Putting screens on exterior vents

Infestation Sign #4: Hearing Things

Termites make soft clicking and rustling noises inside of walls.

Dandi Guaranty Termite Extermination

Those with homes and businesses frequently try “do it yourself” methods or commercial shelf items to eliminate termites. Be advised that this is a losing game and a waste of time and money. The average store product will only treat things on the surface, barely reaching the core of an infestation. A recurrence is very likely in these cases. Letting the experts at Dandi Guaranty do the job is the only sure-fire way. We have skillful technicians who know how to locate the vulnerable spaces and will properly install Sentricon® termite bait systems. These systems will kill existing termites and stop more from coming. Our services come with guarantees, and we offer emergency visits. Call Dandi Guaranty today for a free inspection! 

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