Four Quick & Effective Scorpion-Control Tips For Oklahoma City Property Owners

September 30, 2020

Few pests create as much fear as scorpions; they make people shiver and quiver. Sometimes, they can be quite large which is intimidating. Even when they are on the smaller side, their chunky, sharp claws give pause. The only feature that's worse is their stingers, which are filled with poisonous venom. Thankfully, for most of the United States, the chances of encountering a scorpion are low. However, in Oklahoma City, home and business owners need to stay on alert. This is especially necessary if the weather is dry. 

scorpion in the basement

By utilizing the following four tips, you’ll be able to put up the best defense against scorpions. You’ll have basic identification and prevention knowledge and you’ll be aware of Dandi Guaranty’s intervention methods.

Tip #1 Don’t Procrastinate With Lawn Care

Generally, no one likes doing yard work. It can be arduous, particularly if it’s hot. If you want to keep scorpions away though, you have to get to it. These creepy crawlers thrive in the outdoors. In the shade under rocks, organic matter, and logs are where they’ll typically be. At night, they’ll go on a hunt for bugs, rodents, and lizards. With this in mind, you need to trim your grass and greenery on a regular basis. Remove debris. Put woodpiles, plants, and rocks two feet or more from your exterior. Before you bring outdoor furniture, flowers, boxes, or logs inside, examine them for scorpions.

If the climate is not ideally dry or food sources are hard to come by, scorpions will consider entering your home or business. They’ll slip through gaps around utilities, doors, windows, and foundations. Cabinet undercarriages, shoes, garages, and basements will be their hangout spots because they prefer darkness.

Here are key facts about striped bark scorpions, which are the most common species in the area:

  • They have tan or yellow bodies, with black abdominal stripes.
  • Their physical characteristics include a curved tail with a stinger, two claws, and eight legs.
  • They are nocturnal, so you definitely have an infestation if you spot one in the daylight.


Tip #2 Fix Things Up

Though scorpions can survive without eating for months, they must have water. Having a leaky plumbing system or any other moisture issue is like an invitation to these creatures. Don’t hesitate to do the repairs. Also, given how they infiltrate, you want to seal the structural holes you find.

Tip #3 Keep It Cool 

As stated before, scorpions flourish in moist conditions. Therefore, run your air conditioner or use a dehumidifier, so things stay breezy. 

Tip #4 Call Dandi Guaranty For Scorpion Control Help

It’s been established that getting stung is the primary worry with scorpions. Should it happen, it will be very painful. At the site, itching, redness, swelling, and numbness will follow. Depending on a person's age and complete health, they might experience additional problems. Children and the elderly are liable to have complications. Those that have an allergy to venom are certain to exhibit more severe symptoms, such as breathing difficulties and vomiting. Striped bark scorpion stings usually aren’t fatal, but it’s wise to seek medical attention if stung.

These possible risks are why calling Dandi Guaranty for scorpion extermination is critical. We have staff on-call to swoop in and save the day at any time. Whether it’s an emergency visit or a scheduled one, all services come with a guarantee. If you’d like continued care, we have multiple, eclectic plans. They include recurring visits, interior and exterior treatments, coverage of at least 20 different pests, and specialized work for termites. Striped bark scorpions won’t come on your property after we’re done. We promise. Call today for a free inspection!

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