Banning Bed Bugs From Your Oklahoma City Home

January 10, 2020

It is difficult to keep bed bugs from entering your Oklahoma City home. These bugs don't live in your yard and they can't be stopped by having routine pest control applications around your foundation perimeter. The best chance of preventing a bed bug infestation is learning what causes you to get bed bugs and taking steps to see those bugs before they see you. Can you see bed bugs? Yes. You may have been told that you can't see bed bugs with the naked eye, but this is a myth. And seeing them is the best way to prevent them from getting into your home.

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Detecting Bed Bugs  

There are several ways to tell if you have a bed bug problem. The secret is knowing where to look and what to look for. If you find these signs while you're away from home, you may be able to prevent bed bugs from coming home with you. If you find them in your home early, you may be able to arrest an infestation quickly.

What to Look For

  • Black streaks, black speckles and black patches.
  • Brown or red stains on sheets, bedding, and other fabrics.
  • 1-millimeter white eggs.
  • Shed tan or brown insect skins (called cuticles).
  • Pale, tan or brownish-red six-legged bugs with transparent skin, black innards visible through their abdomens and horizontal creases on their abdomens.
  • Bites on the skin.
  • A faint smell that can be compared to a dirty locker room towel.

Where to Look

  • Around the edges of mattresses and box springs.
  • Between mattresses and box springs.
  • On bedding, sheets and fabrics.
  • Along baseboards and around outlet covers.
  • In luggage, bags and other carriables.
  • In tight spaces, such as creases and crevices.


We often get asked, "How do you know if you have been bitten by bed bugs?" Recognizing bed bug bites is extremely important if you want to protect your Oklahoma City home. Here are a few ways you can tell what has bitten you:

  • Bed bugs feed several times as they travel across the skin. If your bites look like they follow a path or they are in a cluster, this is a good indication that you have been bitten by bed bugs.
  • Bed bug bites don't have a unique look to them. When newly hatched bed bugs bite you, the bites will be much less inflamed than the bites of adult bed bugs. Your skin also plays a part in how bad a bite will be. Older people tend to have minor reactions to bed bugs, especially seniors.
  • Bed bug bites are often accompanied by a rash around the bites.
  • Bed bug bites won't have an ulcer at the center, like some spider bites.
  • Bed bugs tend to bite the upper body, closer to the carbon dioxide being emitted from your mouth.

What To Do When You Find Bed Bugs

There are a couple of ways to deal with bed bugs when you find them. These tips are most helpful when you find bed bugs before they get into your home.

  • Putting items through a 30-minute dryer cycle will kill bed bugs in all stages of development. If an item can be put in the dryer without being damaged, this is a good first step.
  • If you find bed bugs in the creases of an object, it is important to isolate the item, mark it clearly, and apply rubbing alcohol to the bed bugs. This will dry them out and kill them. If you suspect that they are inside an item and you can't treat them topically, you may want to have the item treated by a pest professional.

Bed Bug Control

When you find bed bugs or signs of bed bugs inside your Oklahoma City home or business, contact Dandi Guaranty for effective control. These bugs are extremely hard to exterminate without training and experience. Let the licensed and highly-trained pest professionals at Dandi make sure those bugs are fully eliminated from your home. When it comes to controlling pests, we have the track record you're looking for.

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