Are You Prepared For Termites In Oklahoma City?

July 9, 2019

a swarm of termites crawling along a wooden structure on an oklahoma city property

It's not a bird, and it's not a plane! No, something far, far worse is flying through the sky this season, and they’re headed straight towards your property. 
Even though we might not be able to spot them, termite season is at its height for the summer, putting homes in Oklahoma City at risk for both indoor and outdoor property damage. 
Like us, termites are warm weather lovers. They start emerging from their cozy winter beds once the temperatures and rainfall begin to increase. Some members of the original colony will sprout long, gossamer wings before taking to the skies to find a new habitat to occupy. These termites are called swarmers. Once a swarmer finds a suitable place to raise a family, he will shed his wings, pair off with a mate, and begin the tedious work of fostering a few thousand colony members before winter frosts force the insects back into hiding. 
Termites pose enormous threats to property owners every year, causing billions of dollars in damages. According to the CDC, termites cause more damage in the United States than fires and windstorms combined. Termites waste no time populating areas they believe hold long-term supplies of food. Many infestations go unnoticed for long periods, as the insects eat away at the interiors of stumps, walls, and other structures. Hollow wood and sagging foundations will eventually collapse, and leave property owners with overwhelming destruction in their wake. 
The best method to preventing termite infestations is to keep them from encroaching on your property entirely. However, this is not always possible. If termites do appear in or around your property, there are several last-minute steps you can take to protect your greatest investment.

Protect Yourself

This summer, termites will be looking for certain things that will draw them to your home. Like many other insects, termites appreciate moist and humid environments. Below are some steps you can take to eliminate these conditions in your home.

  • Use a dehumidifier to lower the humidity in wooden structures.

  • Keep wood away from the sides and foundation of any buildings on your property.

  • Use harsher, rockier landscape materials such as pea gravel or crushed stone keeps your yard looking its best while maintaining its pest prevention integrity. Wood chips and garden mulches may draw hungry termites closer to entry points in your home.

  • Check around your doors and windows for any cracks or large openings that termites could fit through. Using caulking, sealant, and other durable materials, fill any cracks that catch your eye.

  • While swarmers still have their wings, they will not be able to eat through any wood or drywall. Using a vacuum cleaner, carefully suck up any swarmers that may be crawling around doors, windows, or other entry points.

Termites appearing in your home may prove to be a different kind of challenge. While there are steps you can take to protect yourself from the bulk of their damaging habits, once a termite is spotted, it may be too late. Termites are numerous and crafty creatures that specialize at going unnoticed for months or even years at a time. A mature infestation may already be present in your yard, causing thousands of dollars' worth of damage. Termites can't be adequately dealt with through DIY methods. If you spot or suspect termites around your property, it is vital to contact a professional pest control service for the good of your home.

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