Ant Prevention For Outdoor Events Around Tulsa This Summer

July 31, 2019

a colony of small black ants infesting a celebratory cupcake during a tulsa picnic

The ants go marching one by one, and they’re headed straight for your picnic! 
Now that the summer ant season is here, any barbecue, pool party, or outdoor gathering can be quickly ruined by these small invaders. 
Ecstatic for their newfound freedom, and with warm sun and moisture to sustain them, ants begin to wake up from their winter nap and spread out across your yard in search of new homes and food sources. To make matters worse, the breeding season for many ant species falls during the early spring months. Over the rest of the summer, thousands of new adult ants will be inviting themselves to your outdoor events around Tulsa and beyond.
Anthills look unsightly in yards and may noticeably kill off large patches of grass in some areas. People out on their properties are now at risk for painful bites and stings. Worst of all, ants are a common snack for other, more dangerous pests, attracting even less desirable guests to your yard this summer. 
While preventing an ant infestation in your yard may not be entirely possible, there are several methods you can use to help deter them from your outdoor spaces. 

Methods of Ant Protection 

The best line of protection against ants appearing at your outdoor activities is to prevent them from taking up residence in your yard entirely. Ants love properties with ample sunlight, food, and a nearby water source. Eliminate areas on your lawn that dip or collect water, filling them in with dirt. Keep all kitchen waste in garbage bags or cans, and remove leftover food from barbecues in as soon as possible. If you have compost piles, be sure to turn them often to avoid future pest problems.
If ants already have a foothold in your lawn, there are several steps you can take to keep ants away from your summer events. Identify the largest visible nests on your property. These will be the most problematic ant sources for you during the summer months. While your first impulse is most likely to step on the pesky mounds, don’t. Crushing a nest will only kill a small number of the colony, not the queen. You will need to eliminate her first before the colony crumbles as well. Lay down some diatomaceous earth (DE) on and around the hill to swiftly dispatch any ant that ventures out. The DE will pierce through the ant’s body, causing dehydration and death. 

When planning an outdoor party, consider setting ant bait in areas surrounding the central hub. These pellets, disguised as food, get passed around the nest, swiftly eliminating ants and queens alike. For additional protection, spray vinegar around the location you plan to dine in. Ants dislike the scent of vinegar, and often will not bother to cross into areas that have high volumes of the stench. As a last resort, place a watermelon rind or other discarded food item a distance away from where your event food will be. Ants will pile on to the available food, and disregard you and your guest's delicious plates. This method is not recommended, as providing food for pests can lead to infestation down the road.

Protect Your Picnic with Dandi Guaranty

Ant colonies may measure in the thousands to tens of thousands, overrunning yards with sheer force in numbers. Even though there are methods you can take to keep them at bay, eliminating a deep-seated ant problem in your yard may not be something you can do alone. Spotting a high number of anthills could be a sign of a more significant issue that needs the attention of a professional pest control service. If you're concerned about the ants ruining your peace of mind this summer, don't wait. Contact Dandi Guaranty today to speak with one of our trained team members about your ant control needs. 
At Dandi Guaranty, we pride ourselves on using some of the best practices in pest elimination in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City region. Our innovative and holistic methods treat your home and protect it against foraging creatures, both now and in the future. Don't let an ant infestation ruin your fun in the sun. Call one of our professionals at Dandi Guaranty to schedule your inspection and pest control consultation today.

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