All The Problems Bed Bugs Can Bring To Your Oklahoma City Home

November 24, 2020

There are many reasons why bed bugs are hated. It feels like the critters pop up out of nowhere. It’s hard to figure where they come from and how to stop them. They interrupt your sleeping patterns because they take over your mattress. When they find you, they’ll bite you and suck your blood. This causes itchy, red bumps that you’ll see all over your body. To boot, they are tough to eliminate. Just when you think it can’t get any worse with these insects, it does.

bed bugs crawling on bedroom furniture

Bed bugs bring in a whole set of issues that most Oklahoma City homeowners know nothing about. That’s frightening! The dangers that come with these pests are extensive and critical. Learn what they are, and how Dandi Guaranty can get them out of your home.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

It’s a mystery to the average resident how bed bugs come about. The answer is public places. In their search for blood, these insects settle in locations like hotels, hospitals, offices, train stations, and schools. It makes sense since they’re filled with fleshly humans. The critters get cozy in personal bags and clothes while they ride home with you. Next, they’ll set up shop in the following:

  • Appliances 

  • Electronics

  • Flooring

  • Wood Trim

  • Wallpaper

  • Couches

  • Fabrics

  • Upholstery

Bed bugs procreate at such a fast rate, you’ll have an infestation in no time. The first sign is of course body bites. The rash-like bumps will be fused together, and on your face, neck, arms, legs, and more. Secondly, you’ll begin to see reddish-brown stains and blood drops on fabrics and surfaces. You’re also going to find powdery brown or black fecal specks. Last, but not least, a constant musty odor will be all in the air.

The everyday bed bug is an incredibly tiny 0.25 of an inch long. Their reddish-brown bodies feature two antennas, six legs, a round head, a circular bottom, and a strangely formed midsection. Their bottoms are much bigger than their heads. They release these pearly white eggs that hatch translucent young.

What Are The Dangers of Bed Bugs?

Experts haven’t found strong evidence that links bed bugs to the spread of disease. This is wonderful news, but the critters still present risks related to health and well-being. The following problems can arise.

  • Mental Health Impact: Residents with bed bugs tend to show indications of anxiety or insomnia. The latter can be expected, given the influence on sleep. 
  • Secondary Infections: Scratching your bites can cause small cuts on your skin. You’ll be vulnerable to germs that generate infections, such as ecthyma, impetigo, and lymphangitic.
  • Anemia: As you know, bed bugs drain your blood. If you have a severe infestation, the insects will be doing this so much, you could become anemic. Some associated symptoms are pale skin, persistent headaches, weakness, fatigue, and lightheadedness. 
  • Allergic Reactions: Some individuals will be allergic to their bites and can experience nausea, breathing difficulties, and skin inflammation.

What Can Dandi Guaranty Do About Bed Bugs?

When you think about how bed bugs get around, they will be challenging to prevent and control. Further, with them being so little makes it an uphill battle to locate and kill them all. That’s exactly what needs to be done for extermination too; even the eggs have to be scooped up. This is a task only Dandi Guaranty can successfully complete. No store product is a match for our robust and varied solutions. Our highly trained technicians will execute an industrial-grade conventional and/or heating treatment. To ensure you’re protected, they’ll make recurring visits. Get some sleep! Call us today at Dandi Guaranty, to begin with a free inspection.

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