5 Ways To Avoid Spiders In Oklahoma This Summer

June 17, 2019

a long legged black widow spider crawling along a web in an oklahoma home

You may have noticed that almost anyone you talk to is afraid, or knows someone who is afraid, of spiders. These creepy-crawlies have quite a reputation and are often portrayed in movies as giant man-eating monsters. While in reality, Oklahoma doesn’t have any ten-foot tall spiders, there are still reasons to keep spiders out of your home.  Oklahoma does have a few poisonous spiders, such as the black widow and brown recluse. Here are a few reasons to keep spiders out of your house, and some tips to show you how.

Why Do Spiders Come Inside?

First off, why do spiders want to come into a home? All spiders have three main motivators: food, water, and shelter. And your house might provide all three. Spiders don’t need a lot when it comes to shelter. They want a dry, secluded area with low light and moderate temperature. This could be an attic, a basement, a closet, or any other infrequently used part of your house. Water is also tough to control. Spiders only need a drop of water every now and then to survive, and they can find that drop easily inside a building.
The last thing spiders need is food. This is the one factor that you can take control of. Spiders are carnivores that eat other insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, ants, etc. This means that if you have spiders in your home, it’s probably because you have other insects as well.

Are Spiders Dangerous?

Usually, spiders are harmless and try to stay away from humans. However, there are some venomous spiders in Oklahoma that can cause problems if you are bitten. It’s a good idea to clear your house of spiders to avoid the possibility of any spider bite.
And since spiders are usually attracted by other bugs, the invasion of spiders likely means the invasion of other insects. If you find an influx of spiders, you should call a professional to help you get rid of spiders and whatever food sources drew them in. Dandi Guarantee will help you locate and solve the problem so you can rest easy.

Five Ways to Avoid Inviting Spiders?

  1. You’re most likely to find spiders in your home during the summer months. This is because spiders are attracted to other insects. Most insects, including spiders, like warmer weather and are more active during the summer. You may not be able to avoid a spider or two from slipping inside, but you can avoid an infestation.
    If you have storage areas in the garage, attic, or basement, try to keep the space cleaned and free of clutter. Spiders
  2. love to hide in these rooms, so keep the space organized so they have less chance to hide.
  3. Always check for spiders before bringing items in from storage or from outdoors. Spiders can hide in boxes or other objects and sneak into your house if you don’t see them.
  4. Spiders can get inside through gaps in your foundation. Check for cracks or holes in your foundation. If you find any, make sure to seal them quickly so no more spiders can slip inside.
  5. Keep outside lights turned off to avoid attracting insects such as mosquitoes, which will, in turn, draw more spiders toward your house.

Finally, if you notice a new surge of spiders or other insects, call a professional. Dandi Guarantee has the tools to clear your house of spiders and spider food, and they can help you avoid future infestations as well.

Spiders are tricky creatures that know how to hide in corners of your house and enter through spaces you didn’t know existed. If you’re afraid of spiders or worried about the possibility of a spider bite, don’t hesitate to call Dandi Guarantee. Let the professionals take care of spiders for you, so you can rest easy.

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