5 Simple & Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Tulsa Property Owners

October 7, 2020

Pest control is something that many Tulsa homeowners lean on. Our climate seems to be conducive to many different pests. From ants to armadillos and roaches to rodents, our Tulsa homes are nearly surrounded by all sorts of wildlife. But when it comes to spider webs, we just kind of let those go, right?

wolf spider in home

Spiders In Tulsa

Tulsa homeowners have to deal with three common spider species around their properties. They make unsightly webs and cause discomfort in your home. The house spider, as it is generally referred to, comes in all shapes and sizes. These are all non-threatening spiders that will wind up in your home by accident. While some people argue that these spiders are a welcome guest in their homes, since they feed on insects, there is one major problem: their webs. No one wants spider webs in the corner of every room, but, other than that, you don’t need to worry too much about this species.
Wolf spiders, on the other hand, are quite a bit larger. Their long legs allow them to move around your house quickly, and their robust, hairy bodies create quite an imposing figure in your home. While they are not threatening to humans, their size makes them unpleasant to have around your house. However, they do not create webs for hunting purposes like many other spiders, so you won’t notice them until you see the spiders themselves.
The brown recluse spider is the last of the three local spiders, and this one is the one to worry about. Fortunately, though, they are far rarer. They look a lot like the wolf spider, but they are a bit smaller and less hairy. The violin shape on their brown backs is the giveaway and sets them apart from other brown spiders. These are venomous spiders whose bite can eat away at the flesh from the surface if untreated, so make sure to seek medical attention if bitten by a brown recluse.

Preventing Spiders In Your Home

While the threat to your health is typically minimal, having spiders in your home is still uncomfortable. So, what can you do to keep them out? Let’s think about the real reason why they come in: they’re looking for other pests to eat. By following general pest prevention guidelines, you can limit the attractions that spiders will have to your house:

  • Store food and trash properly.
  • Clear away the clutter around the house.
  • Sweep away webs to ward off continued spider infestation.
  • Other effective pest control practices revolve around moisture control. You’ll have moisture issues in your house if you allow pipes to leak (even small amounts), allow pipes to form condensation, or have too much humidity. You should always check the pipes under your sinks for leaks, as excess moisture in the bathroom can be a big draw for spiders and pests in general.
  • Another general pest control practice is to identify any potential entry points. Pests and spiders will get in under the doors if they’re not properly weather-stripped, and they’ll also enter in any gaps in the caulking around windows. If you have screen doors or a screened-in porch, you’ll have to regularly check for openings or tears in the screens. As you walk around your house, check for any cracks in the structure. You never know how deep these cracks go or how much access a pest can gain through these openings.

As you read through that list, you may have thought that it sounds exhausting, and you’d be right. However, you’ll be even more exhausted to find that even homeowners who follow this advice to a tee are still susceptible to pest and spider infestation. For guaranteed spider prevention, contact Dandi Guaranty to get more advice or assistance specific to your property.

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